WheelAmerican Jewelry Design Council (http://www.ajdc.org/) Gallery of Items:

WHEEL 1997
Title of piece: “WHEEL”
Type: Brooch
Materials: Platinum, rubber & diamonds (C.Z.)
Dimensions: 1 3/4 in. length



Fine lines do not a circle make,
This soft shape without a break.
Clear and white or black opaque
Blame the compass for its mistake!

This single line I must forsake
In my quest to build a fake.
Though it’s form is hard to shake,
These four points left in its wake.

Artist Explaination: “The explanation of my quest to build non-circular wheel, and at what cost.”

KeyKEY 1998
Title of piece: “UNLOCKING THE KEY”
Type: Necklace
Materials: Sterling silver, rubber with stainless mesh, Hematite, encapsulated mercury, Antique glass bulb
Dimensions: 5 in. x 8 in.

Ode to a test tube baby

A pinch of you, a dash of me
This tube belies a mystery.
A bakers hand, by luck instead
His binding ties a silver thread,
‘Round a question mark you can see;
This image of an ovary.
The fall and rise of living bread,
He’s aware of all to dread!
We all despise that recipe.
Unlock the “fist” that holds the key!

Artist Explaination: “Multiple symbolisms referring to the frustrations, mystery and science surrounding a difficult in vitro conception.”

PuzzlePUZZLE 1999
Title of piece: 1. “ANDREA’S MIRACLE”
Type: 3-dimensional art
Materials: Plexi-glass, copper, nickel silver, plastic, wood
Dimensions: 4 in. x 4 in.


Andrea’s Miracle

Some piece at which our circles meet
An Angel child with wings replete
Baby-blue eyed and breath as sweet,
Betray two worlds complete.

Consign the time to look inside
Devotion, love and faith abide.
Tenderness found and peace applied,
The heart becomes your guide!

She’ll try at first to be discreet,
When darkness and morning meet
With monsters safely in retreat
Then draw him to her teat.

While once upon a time defied,
Together luck and fate confide
Fulfillment crests, now satisfied.
Contentment fills his bride.

Artist Explaination: “My real life story about love, marriage and trust in context of the successful birth of our son Andrea after a long and arduous process, and it’s effect on my wife.”



There is a softness of the moon
In her face as she smiles
And draws him close as if to hide.
But teardrop rains and blue typhoon
Set the pace all the while
Planets clash and worlds collide!

Artist Explaination: “A paragraph about the new mom’s tranquility despite the pandemonium surrounding the child birthing process.”

WaterWATER 2000
Title of piece: “MISCONCEPTION”
Type: Ring & Earrings
Materials: Platinum, 18karat pink gold, Chinese pink pearl, black cultured pearl
Dimensions: N/A



Rise above this liquid abyss
Oh you who dons the split toupee,
For I am not your nemesis:
Black/ white/ pink/ gray.

Embrace me now antithesis,
Whose shade or tone I can’t condemn.
Inhale my breath sans prejudice:
You, me, us, them.

So dredge the sea in search of bliss
Though eye-to-eye cannot convey
Toe-to-toe upon precipice;
Me/ you/ us/ they,

And clutch me now without remiss
Upon my pearled lips belay,
For this is not a final kiss,

Artist Explaination: “I employed another meaning of the “many fish in the sea” metaphor while writing this empowering poem about transcending prejudice.”

FlightFLIGHT 2001
Title of piece: “DOUBLE ENTENDRE”
Type: Sculpture
Materials: Copper/Sterling Silver/paper/red epoxy
Dimensions: 6 ½ in. x 4 in. x 3 in.


 “I Quit”

Friday Night
Last big bite
Kill the light
Book my flight
FLY a kite
It’s alright !

Artist Explaination: “This is my succinct, even laconic statement regarding my feelings about my involvement in today’s jewelry marketplace.”

PeekabooPEEKABOO 2002
Title of piece: “PEEKABOO”
Type: 3-Dimensional Sculpture
Materials: 18K. gold, sterling silver, enamel, multi-colored fresh water pearls, etched river rock, feathers, threads
Dimensions: 11 in. Height


The “Take”

A silent breath beneath deep aqua blue
Will rise without a wake.
At surface, death bequeaths its pearly dew,
Languid, lucid, opaque.

Most buoyant ethnic wreath of marabou
Not taken for a fake,
Has lost its ethno-sheath and bid adieu,
Transforms itself, Green Drake.

Convey by tradition and split bamboo
And tossed upon this lake.
One mortal edition of “Peek-A-Boo”
Too late, alas, the “take”.

Artist Explaination: “This is a romantic, verbal rendering describing the precise moment that a fish rises to the surface to inhale it’s prey. This is known in fly fisher’s nomenclature as the “take”. In this case, the Trout is unaware that the newly hatched insect is actually the fisherman’s lure and is duped into being hooked. Fly fishing is a personal passion.”

FoldFOLD 2003
Title of piece: “THE BARTER”
Type: Pendant/Brooch
Materials: Hand carved 18K Gold angel. Rutilated Quartz- tongue shape and beads. Button shaped Ruby beads.
Type: Ring
Materials: Hand carved 18K Gold angel ring with tongue shaped quartz.
Dimensions: N/A


The Barter

This is the day of my confession
Dominion gathers to scold
All of my ways of indiscretion,
Impudent, brazen and bold.

Providence raise up sin’s oppression
Furthermore, expel this cold.
Administer me my egression
And if my soul is paroled,

I would pawn my last possession
That I might secure some gold.
Then carve and cast a new impression
As something Midas might mold!

For you alone halt my regression.
Indulgent Spirit, behold!
You are the rock of intercession,
Around you angels may fold.

Artist Explaination: “This poem is centered around the mysterious rutilated quartz utilized for the project. It is desperate tale of an attempt by an unsavory and corrupt individual bartering for forgiveness with impossible promises and flattery.”

SphereSPHERE 2004
Title of piece: “WORDS”
Type: Sculpture
Materials: Sterling, rubber, plastic, paint
Dimensions: 5 in.



You spoke of words: Words!
Are they important?
Cannot love more adequately be measured by
A touch,
A kiss,
A smile?

They fail me you know, words, just words.
I am reluctant to use them,
Frail as they can be…
And potentially delusive.

But when you’re with me
Please don’t hesitate to use words, your words,
Because my simple sentiments
May not fulfill your needs.

Artist Explaination: “My philosophical statement of the shortcomings concerning the use of language to express love. The object (project) portrays this by showing a jumble of letters encompassing an idea or emotion. One can note the reflected and distorted effect that the middle tier has on those letters or words. There is a cohesive duplication of round shapes throughout the piece.”

Title of piece: “Caterpillar”
Type: Object
Materials: Sterling, glass, fiber, feathers.
Dimensions: 5 ½ in. long


Summer’s dance

A broken leaf atop this tree,
Out spoken grief around the bend.
Will I know who is me
Once a foe becomes a friend?

Newcomer’s chance to dry its wings,
This summer’s dance proud and bold.
Celestial Queen, no Gypsy King!
Am I cast from a different mold?

Artist Explaination: “A story about the insecure, ugly “moth” who, at the moment of his impending transformation, questions whether or not the change will be to his benefit.”